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The Adventure Guide to Living a WILD Life
Paperback. Full color. 120 pages
How to Be WILD
How to be WILD book

In 2010 a ten-year-old kid, Alec J. Fischer, and a film director, Brian Gregory, teamed up to make a WILD adventure show. They spent years exploring, camping, and surviving in amazing places all over the world like Australia, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Mexico. They even formed an award-winning production company called Primitive Planet and produced additional films highlighting the social and environmental issues of our time — all while raising awareness about rhino poaching, sea turtles, getting people back outside, and so much more! Then, in 2022, after 12+ years of non-stop adventure, they wrote a book. Be prepared. This is the book and it will make you WILD!

As a bonus, the final chapter features additional insight into being WILD from various entertainers, environmentalists, and wildlife enthusiasts located around the world!
How to be WILD book contributors
Profits to Charity
What does that mean? We get a $2 royalty for each book sale on Amazon. For one year (February 03, 2022 through February 03, 2023) we will donate those proceeds to anti-rhino poaching and/or Sea Turtle efforts. Obviously, it will not be a large amount but we'll post here when we make the donation(s).  
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What about Kindle?
Once all book contributors receive their copies AND all "Edge of the WILD" campaign book perks have been shipped and received we will likely publish the Kindle version. 

Autographed Copies?
Yes. We will offer autographed copies once we have a chance to order a bunch of extra books.

Amazon Printing and Shipping
All printing and shipping questions for books purchased through Amazon should be directed to Amazon.  "How to Be WILD" is newly listed on Amazon. It will take a few days/weeks for all features and shipping options to be available in some countries. Be sure to check back for updates!  

Book Perks for Campaign Contributors
You will receive an email with an eGift card for $11.99 to purchase your book on Amazon. You can expect this email by February 12.  Be sure to check your SPAM folder. Please let us know if you do not need/want the eGift card. Thanks!

Updates - Book Contributors
We will be updating this page through February 12, including the addition of a Book Contributors section w/ links. 
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