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Coming-of-age Short Film Adventure Series (2022)

Sense of Wonder

Festival Wins

In a magical era without cell phones, YouTube, video games, and minute-to-minute scheduling, best friends Vernon, Russ, and Curtis navigate the wilds of childhood along their favorite Texas river.

The year is 1955 and 1979 all at once — a wondrous time when our childhood friends are decades away from knowing what a text message is or what a YouTube does. If you asked them about streaming, they'd guess it had something to do with a tube and the nearby creek.

Vernon, Russ, and Curtis live in the Texas Hill Country surrounded by rivers, creeks, and wild trails into the unknown — places where they spend almost every waking hour. Since sitting inside is their idea of torture, and something parents of the day definitely wouldn't support, the river and wilderness is their home. It's where they think for themselves, solve their own problems, explore, imagine, create, and become the ones they will become.

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