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We are on hiatus from Dec 2023 to May 2024. Thanks!

Our award-winning content promotes active participation in the outdoors and encourages activism in the community.  From highlighting conservation efforts worldwide, like anti-rhino poaching in South Africa and sea turtle rescue in Mexico, to social and environmentally-themed short films and reality-based adventures, our goal is to capture and present life in a WILD, imaginative, and meaningful way. 

The director of Primitive Planet is Brian Gregory, an adventurer and award-winning writer,
director, and editor. He co-wrote the book “How to be WILD” with WILDerland host Alec J. Fischer and directed the WILDerland series and dozens of award-winning short films, including Extinction and Every Human. He is passionate about creating engaging and educational content that celebrates nature, culture, and human potential.

Primitive Planet’s mission is to create content that inspires a life of adventure and impact. We
believe that by exposing kids to the wonders of the world and the challenges it faces, they can
spark their curiosity, creativity, and compassion. We hope our films will motivate kids of all
ages to pursue their passions, follow their dreams, and make a positive difference in the world.

Our content is presented online through long- and short-form films, documentaries, and various reality-based entertainment shows.  Since 2012 Primitive Planet has been funded almost exclusively through donations by viewers — the true heroes of our story.

We have filmed on location in Sweden, Spain, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Oman, the UAE, and all across America.   Travel back in time and relive the wonder, or join us now for your first adventure.  And thanks for helping us Stay WILD if you can!
Awards / Press
WILDerland - Award
WILDerland - Award
WILDerland - Award
WILDerland - Award
WILDerland - Proactive Against Poaching
Alec J Fischer Interview (2014)
WILDerland - Ranger Rick Magazine
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