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Well into our 14th year of filmmaking, we have expanded our production efforts and taking a more studio-based approach. We love storytelling and have a lot of high-concept works we can't wait to share. You can expect our traditional adventures and documentaries, with the addition of high-concept narrative features and short films. We have also expanded to offer youth and adult classes in screenwriting, creative writing, and AI basics. 


Our award-winning creations promote active participation in the outdoors and encourage activism in the community. From highlighting conservation efforts worldwide, like anti-rhino poaching in South Africa and sea turtle rescue in Mexico, to social and environmentally-themed short films and reality-based adventures, our goal is to capture and present life in a wild, imaginative, and meaningful way. 
Primitive Planet's director is Brian, an adventurer and award-winning writer, director, and editor. He co-wrote the book “How to be WILD” with WILDerland host Alec and directed the WILDerland series and dozens of award-winning short films, including Extinction and Every Human. He is passionate about creating engaging and educational content that celebrates nature, culture, and human potential.

Primitive Planet’s mission is to create films that inspire a life of creative adventure and impact—the kind of stuff that leaves you in awe and excited for tomorrow. We hope our films entertain, education, help you dream big, and inspire you to make a positive difference in the world.

Travel back in time and relive the wonder, or join us now for your first adventure.  And thanks for helping us Stay WILD if you can!

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