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  • Can my sponsor produce a film about me?
    Yes! You, your sponsor, or even your biggest fan/supporter can produce your film. Just share the "Custom Documentary" page with them for all of the details.
  • Can I produce one of your original screenplays?
    Yes! Festival favorite "Pop!" will be available soon, and there is currently an option to produce "Halfturn" and "Before and Beyond" on the website. Just visit "Produce a Film" for all of the latest opportunities. Thanks!
  • Can I get physical Perks like DVDs and posters?
    We no longer offer DVDs, but we do have posters available HERE. We primarily offer physical Perks during our public campaigns for new seasons of "Trust Your WILD Side." Other Perks can include film credit for anyone interested in producing our narrative films. You can see those options by clicking the "Produce a Film" link.
  • What if I want to produce one of your films but can't do the entire green-light amount?
    Thank you. Please reach out via the contact form or by direct message at Appreciate it.
  • What does viewer-funded mean?
    We have been viewer-funded (crowd-funded/fan-funded) for 14 years. Most of our Producers (those who donate to our campaigns for film credit and Perks) are from all over the world, and are fans of individual documentary subjects—people who want to support artists and athletes they like. Some have been helping to produce for many years, and others will make their first contribution in our next campaign. Producers are fans of your work and our work.
  • What does Trust Your WILD Side mean?
    We wrote a book called "How to Be WILD" (on Amazon), which discusses trusting your WILD side. It means trusting your crazy ideas, working hard to achieve your dreams, getting back up when you get pushed down, being brave, being confident but not stuck up, and always sharing your WILD side and inspiring others. A simpler way to put it... you don't sit on your butt all day playing video games and watching other people do awesome, WILD things. You get out there in the world and go for it.
  • Can I still be in a documentary if I don't speak English?
    Possibly. AI can really help out, but a documentary subject needs to have a basic grasp of English.
  • What is the best way to contact the class instructor?
    Try Brian, our director, via the website chat or at
  • What is "Phase One"
    Phase One is the first major updated to our website. It was developed from Feb - June and made public June 30. We expect to have Phase Two, which will enhance the user experience and incorporate AI features, in October/November.
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