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The following projects are available for producers, donors, VCs, genre supporters, fans, and philanthropists.

Before and Beyond

A documentary feature exploring life before birth and beyond death with detailed interviews with real kids who have pre-birth memories, memories of previous lives, and who have had near-death experiences. We will be using the latest AI technology to share their memories visually. More info 

October - December 2024

Production requires travel to interview subjects, AI software, production support, and music licensing.

Green-light for "Executive Producer" IMDb credit. Deadline: August 30.

Green-light Budget:
$4,275 USD

Before and Beyond film poster
Halfturn film poster


Coming-of-age in the Apocalypse. Torn between kind and horrific, a lost soul hidden in the wilderness is forced to decided which way to turn. Trailer | Film

Teaser trailer production:
September 2024

Produce the trailer for a public fundraising campaign or the entire film. Production costs include travel, locations, camera and sound, cinematographer, SFX make-up artist, props, production support, and meals.

Green-light for "Executive Producer" IMDb credit. Deadline: Aug 03.

Produce Trailer: $3,650 USD
Produce Film: $14,200 USD

S2 Bonus Round

The Bonus Round campaign for Season 2 of our documentary series, Trust Your WILD Side, remains available until July 5. You can check out all of the details and Perks by clicking the "produce" button below.

July/August 2024

Filming takes place in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Argentina, and USA.

Various credit options available via the "produce" button below. Deadline: July 5.

Green-light Budget:


Bonus Round Trust Your WILD Side film poster
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